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Featured Profile: Scott Kovaleski

Scott Kovaleski

Dr. Scott Kovaleski gets research moving in the right direction.

Kovaleski has expertise in nuclear engineering, plasma science and accelerator technology. As a contractor at the NASA Glenn Research Center, he worked on technology to neutralize static electricity buildup on the International Space Station. At the University of Missouri, he has worked on numerous research projects with funding totaling over $3 million, including a new propulsion system for small satellites. Kovaleski invented a new thruster that uses radio frequency power and lithium crystals to generate plasma.

In 2013, while conducting experiments toward the development of an ion thruster, Kovaleski realized the output energy – in the form of an electron beam – produced X-rays. He immediately recognized the potential of this discovery to produce an inexpensive, portable X-ray system. The technology also produces relatively low levels of radiation and has possible anti-terrorism applications.

Kovaleski is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the American Physical Society and the American Nuclear Society. His teaching includes basic plasma physics, nuclear science and engineering, kinetics, magnetohydrodynamics, physical electronics, electromagnetics, solid-state physics and semiconductor fundamentals.

Dr. Scott Kovaleski is a professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the MU Energetics and Pulsed Power Laboratory at the College of Engineering.

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