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Featured Profile: Sheila Baker

Sheila Baker

Dr. Sheila Baker’s research is a breath of fresh air.

Baker has spent her career searching for ways to keep the lights on while keeping the air clean. She designs ionic fluids, special liquids which conduct electricity and don’t evaporate or create pollutants. She hopes these will replace harmful fluids currently used in solar cells and batteries.

In addition, Baker studies how short radio waves might be used to form nanoparticles – microscopic particles which can be used to remove pollutants and generate electrodes for fuel cells. Because the long-term impact of nanoparticle use is not yet understood, she also investigates how these particles may impact the environment.

In 2013, Baker gained attention for her efforts to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. CO2 makes up nearly three quarters of all greenhouse gas pollution worldwide. Baker has developed new materials which act as a filter, catching the CO2 before it can be released into the air.

Dr. Sheila Baker is assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering.

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