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Featured Profile: Shelly Rodgers

Shelly Rodgers

University of Missouri advertising theorist Dr. Shelly Rodgers investigates how everyday technology shapes health behavior.

Rodgers studies how digital media facilitates more effective advertising and prods people toward healthier behaviors. With $18.5 million in state and federal grants, she has examined numerous health behavior topics including cancer communication, smoking cessation/prevention and tobacco control, and the use of Facebook and Twitter in health promotion.

Rodgers is nationally ranked as one of the most productive Internet advertising scholars. Based on her research, she has developed several psychology-based health communication theories that involve memory, attention and attitudes. Her theories are frequently referred to by other researchers, as are many of her numerous publications – placing Rodgers among the 10 most cited Internet advertising researchers in the nation.

In addition to her own scholarship, Rodgers has been a leader in her field, serving as the president of the American Academy of Advertising and director of research for the Health Communication Research Center, which improves communication between the health care and science community and the public. She is currently on the editorial boards of Journal of Advertising, Journal of Current Issues in Research and Advertising and Journal of Interactive Advertising, among others, and has published two books on digital advertising theory and research.

Dr. Shelly Rodgers is a professor of strategic communication at the Missouri School of Journalism and an advisory board member for the Dalton Cardiovascular Center for Research.

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