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Featured Profile: SungWoo Kahng

SungWoo Kahng

University of Missouri behavior analyst Dr. SungWoo Kahng puts ideas into practice.

Kahng examines behavioral assessment and treatment of severe problem behaviors exhibited by individuals with autism and related disorders. In particular, Kahng focuses on a behavioral science called applied behavioral analysis (ABA) which uses positive reinforcement and other techniques to develop social skills. ABA is known to improve communication, social relationships and group participation. At MU, Kahng spearheaded an effort to develop a Masters of Science and Graduate Certificate Programs in ABA.

Additionally, Kahng was instrumental in the creation of the Severe Behavior Clinic at MU’s Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders and serves as its director. The clinic provides intensive outpatient intervention for patients with severe self-injurious and aggressive behaviors. Sessions include functional analysis to identify the root of problem behaviors and individualized treatment plans to reduce the severe behavior.

Kahng has authored or co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed journals articles and 10 book chapters. He is an associate editor for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and on the editorial board of Behavioral Intervention. A skilled speaker, he has given more than 50 lectures, workshops and invited presentations. He is also on the boards of numerous organizations including the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Dr. SungWoo Kahng is an associate professor of health psychology in the School of Health Professions, chair of the Department of Health Psychology and director of the Applied Behavioral Intervention Services Division at the Thompson Center.

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