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Featured Profile: Tim P. Vos

Tim P. Vos

Dr. Tim Vos examines how media history shapes content and social issues in journalism.

Early in his career, Vos spent 12 years as a broadcast journalist. In that role, he interviewed nearly every major party candidate for U.S. President and also wrote for a variety of print publications.

Vos, who has been with the University of Missouri since 2008, has expertise in media sociology, media policy and the social roles of journalists. He is the lead U.S. investigator for three international projects and coordinates the work of other scholars at the Journalism School’s Global Programs office. He has won several research awards, including the Best American Journalism Article in 2014. Recently, Vos was named series editor for the University of Missouri Press’ new book series “Journalism in Perspective.”

One of Vos’ major research areas is gatekeeping: the processes that go into determining the news that is reported each day. Vos co-authored a book on the subject and co-edited another book on the topic. He is a leading scholar on how and why information does – or does not – pass through the gates. His work is helpful in understanding how gatekeeping decisions, even those that seem trivial, collectively influence how the public sees the world.

Dr. Tim Vos is an associate professor and chair of journalism studies and Coordinator for Global Research Initiatives at the Missouri School of Journalism.

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