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Spirituality, Neuroscience and Health Research



The MU Spirituality and Health Research project includes a diverse group of interdisciplinary faculty members from the medical sciences (i.e., neuropsychologists, physicians, nurses), social sciences (i.e., health psychologists, social worker, medical sociologist), and humanities (i.e., cultural anthropology, religious studies).Our group has two main areas of focus. The first initiative involves identifying the specific psychoneuroimmunological mechanisms which influence the manner by which religious and spiritual variables affect health for persons with different chronic health conditions and from different faith traditions. The second initiative involves determining the neuropsychological foundations of spiritual experiences and human virtues, as well as the effect of cultural and religious factors on the expression of spiritual experiences.

Our goal is to develop and test new research paradigms that will advance connections between the sciences and humanities in determining how neuropsychological processes and cultural/religious factors interact in the experience of spiritual experiences and human virtues, and identify the specific spiritual/religious factors (e.g., positive/negative beliefs, religious behaviors/rituals, congregational support) that directly impact physical and mental health.

For more information, please contact Brick Johnstone or (573) 882-6290.

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